Child Labor and Academic Performance

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Chapter I The Problem and Its Background A.Background of the Study Child labour is a worldwide problem regardless of the economic status of a country. This social phenomenon continues to exist both in developed and developing countries. The Philippines as one of Newly Industrializing Countries, also encounters the same (C. Diaz, personal communication, December 7, 2009). Child labour is rampant in this country due to poverty. It deprives basic right to education and health (Philippine Star, 1993). Many child labourers are forced to stop schooling due to the necessity of contributing to family’s income. Child labour with its goal to respond immediately to the basic need of the household, deprives the child of the time to focus on…show more content…
D.Hypothesis Child labour decreases the academic performance of child labourers working in Ilang, Davao City. E.Scope and Limitations of the Study This study will only focus on the effects of child labour to the academic performance of children aged 7-15 years old in Barangay Ilang, Davao City. These children were enrolled for the school year 2009-2010. Teachers who may have noticed the changes in the academic performance of child laborers are alo included. The grades will be the basis of academic performance. General average in school year 2009-2010 will be used to measure the academic performance. F.Significance of the Study This study is an attempt to know the situation of child labourers, aged 7-15 years old who are working in Barangay Ilang, Davao City and the problems that they may encounter in their schooling due to their work. In presenting peculiar circumstances surrounding their academic performance particularly their involvement in child labour, this paper aims to prompt government agencies and non-government organizations concerned to work on providing a comprehensive program that will gradually put an end to their child labour and if not, to provide mechanisms to ensure that working children attain their potential academically. This study will serve as a source of data for further research on the condition of academic performance of child labourers; the information to be gathered from the study will provide insights into crafting
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