Child Labor in America

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Alzatia Wilson Western Civilization 1 Mrs. S. Melton November 30, 2009 Child Labor in America Our child labor issue an ongoing world wide effect, currently among America’s society. Researchers even today and our up and down crisis we face economically, leave us with the understanding that poverty is a main cause of child labor. Still in America poor families depend heavenly upon their children working in order to improve their chances of attaining basic necessities. American history goes way back to explain that poverty and a child’s workload come from a lack of not receiving the education which is important for their growing years. There are certain laws and policies that was established to control our child labor issue. Aiming…show more content…
Many workers and unions in the U.S. and other countries are supporting efforts to end child labor by forging alliances with unions in other countries. Historically and in today’s global economy: strong unions are an important protection against child labor ,when parents are able to improve conditions through effective unions, children are much less likely to have to work ,and active struggles against child labor tend to strengthen unions and workers’ rights in general. In conclusion there aren’t many child labor issues in America they are mainly in South America, Asia, China, and India. I have learned a lot about child labor throughout this research. Site Page Alzatia Wilson 11/30/09 Wilson
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