Essay on Child Labor in Venezuela

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Bolivian Republic of Venezuela is a county in South America. It was one of the countries that emerged from collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (Baguley and Winter 15). Hugo Chavez is the president since 1999. He was democratically elected president in 1998, after the approval of the new constitution in 1999, which is the highest law of the land (Baguley and Winter 12). Venezuela is subdivided into 23 states, a Capital District correspondent in the city of Caracas, and the Federal Dependencies (Baguley and Winter 15). The county is also divided into ten administrative regions, which were established by presidential decrees (Baguley and Winter 20). Children can be found working in agriculture, small to medium size businesses, scavenging in …show more content…
In 2007, Venezuelan police fired teargas to stop thousands of protesters against a new education law that will change the curriculum taught in schools (Baguley and Winter 12). The government says the change in the education curriculum will make the education system secular and broadens state control over the schools (Baguley and Winter 15). Another issue the government has failed to solve is the working conditions in Venezuela (Baguley and Winter 10). They have not passed laws that will help protect the children at the places that they are working at. Most of the children in Venezuela can be found working in agriculture, small to medium-sized businesses, scavenging in the garbage dumps or participating in gold mining ( “ 2008 Findings”). Children younger than five are working in these places. Twenty eight point three percent of the child labor worse is working in agriculture. Most of the children working on the farms have been exposed to chemicals that are dangerous to their health for a long period while working on the fields (Baguley and Winter 20). They are dying younger due to the exposure to the deadly chemicals. Eight percent of the child labor force work in the mines (“2008 Finding”). The children working in the mines are getting back problems because they have to go in narrow caves to mine (Baguley and Winter 20). Sixty one percent of the children are working in factories (“2008 Finding”). Children working

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