Child Labour And Indi Causes, Challenges And Legislations

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Child Labour in India: Causes, Challenges and Legislations to combat the malaise.

Abstract: Child labour continues to be a problem even today in many parts of the world. These children are mostly inhabitants of poor undeveloped nations of South America, Africa and Asia. They live in harsh conditions with almost no access to education. The income earned by them, however minimal, is necessary to feed and clothe their families who are dependent on them. The families have no other option but to push their children to work in various informal industrial and agricultural sectors in order to make ends meet. They are simply not aware of the harm this does to their young children nor is there an orientation to send these children to school instead. The Government of India has taken a lot of legal initiatives in order to address this serious issue of child labour. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has been proactively involved in the eradication of this malaise plaguing Indian society. India is also a participant in the United Nation’s International Program on Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) under the aegis of ILO. The present paper will look at the various causes which lead to child labour, the international and national legislations that are in place to eliminate this glaring menace and the steps which must be taken in order to abolish child labour in the country.
Keywords: Child labour, international and national laws, socio-economic issues, sectors employing child

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