Child Labour Essay

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Child labour is defined as “work for children that harms them or exploits them in somewhat physically, mentally, morally or blocking access to education” (Amery, Lecture 5, p2, 2017). Work forms of child labour including the following: plantations, family farms, manufactures, construction work, commercial work, sexual exploitation, mining and children illicit activities (Amery, Lecture 5, p9 2017). Although these are just a few of the activities that child labour’s perform working on family’s farms and in factories are often the most common. Both the International Labour Organization (2017) and Diollo, Etienne, Mehran (2013) who have studied this topic suggest 56% of child Labour’s work on family farms. Furthermore, work performed on the…show more content…
Some of the children that have been studied in India’s workforce have suggest that they are not proud of themselves (23%), they are under extreme stress (55%), they are not happy (67%), they are extremely shy (64%) of the 500 children studied during 2011(Gamlin et al., 2015). This is a perfect indication of the damage these young children’s brains are suffering from the impacts of the working conditions and abuse faced during their work.
Furthermore, the reason why child labour is an issue around the ‘work’ is because of the detrimental effects the working conditions and work has on the child’s development into their real career. Children in the workforce are not being treated as children they are essentially salves. They work inhumane hours, are starved until a job is done or not fed at all, beaten and abused for being tired or not performing at their regular capacity (Srivastava, 2012). But this is okay as many workers or labour’s suggest because we need their tiny hands and they are faster at getting the job done. However, their childhood is stripped from them as they miss out on going to school and forced into the labour force. These children are experiencing intense fast paced work, that they are not ready for (Gamlin et al., 2015). The children are also severally hindered in their brain development as they are being abused
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