Child Labour In China Essay

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Within China, there are many, many cases of heavy child labour. Sometimes it’s from law abuse, other times it’s poverty. Several countries and organizations, including Canada, are involved in putting their efforts into ending this across the globe, China as well. There are many ways you can contribute, but before that, you’ll have to understand the current problem.

When it comes to China, there is obviously a large population number, which can lead to numerous occasions of child labour. Of course, this is a global issue, but it is important to address it in individual countries. In schools, a law has been applied called “Educational Labour” where schools can teach children things like planting and harvesting crops through labour (although not intended to be serious). Yet, this law is abused through schools forcing children to do much more heavy labour than originally sought. Poverty is also a main cause of this
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There are some do’s and don’ts to helping out with situations like these. Some ways you can help is by donating and volunteering for organizations trying to stop it, or just supporting them as a whole. Nonetheless, it is important to not just say, “I can help by not buying products by children!” Wrong. It is a fact that, when people began to do this, it actually worsened the situation for the children, who had resorted to horrible solutions like street-begging. You’re better off helping those who have more control over the situation than that.

This problem still lives on in China, and other countries in the world. Major reasons for this are things like schools abusing laws, and poverty. Canada, and other countries, are doing their best to stop this global issue. There are organizations who are supported by governments, and are doing their best to stop this. Ways you can help exist, but there’s also ways that don’t help. Hopefully, child labour will soon come close to an end with all the world’s efforts, including
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