Child Labour Is Wrong

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Child labor is something that deprives a child of their childhood. Often the work is harmful, gruelling, and takes away their dignity. Children as young as 5 years old are made to leave their homes and slave over work that is mentally and physically challenging. In extreme cases children are enslaved, raped, and sometimes killed in the workplace. Finding solutions to these cruel actions can be addressed by reducing poverty, ethical consumerism, and enacting laws.
53% of child labor takes place in Asia and the Pacific (continuetolearn.uiowa). About 122 million children from ages 5-14 are forced to work in extreme conditions so that they can simply survive (asia/areas/child-labour). The worst part of it is that on average these children will
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In many cases families are so poor that they need to send their child to work to earn enough money to support their family. By reducing poverty families will be able to stop sending their children to work and possibly even start sending them to school. The problem with reducing poverty is that we can’t help everyone that is in need, causing this problem to still take place.
Another way we can prevent child labor is through ethical consumerism. Ethical consumerism is knowing what you’re buying and where it comes from. Take Hershey’s for example. Hershey’s uses products that were made through child labor. If we choose to stop buying Hershey’s products than they will notice the decrease in sales and do whatever it takes to get their business back. Though this is a better solution, there are still those stubborn people that will not stop buying products from their favorite companies.
Finally, we can pass laws that say there can no longer be child labor. By doing this, most companies that use child labor will decide that it is not worth the risk of being fined or shut down all together. The few companies that decide to disobey this law will be punished for their actions. This will be the most impactful solution because the companies that break this law will be fined, shutdown, and possibly even imprisoned. This will overtime help get rid of child labor
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If we want to stop this child slavery we need to make a stand. Rather than sending them to work we should be sending them to school, and companies like Hershey’s and Apple are part of the reason why this is happening. We need to help reduce poverty so that parents will stop relying on their children. We also need stop supporting child labor by buying products that do not use child labor. Lastly, we need to enforce laws that will force companies to stop using child labor. By doing any one or all three of these things we can help stop child labor all together, so what will you
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