Child Labour Is a Curse to the Society

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Child Labour A Curse To The Society

Art 24 of Indian Constitution:

“ No child below the age of 14 years shall be employed to work in any factory or mine or engaged in any other hazardous employment”

i) Introduction :

It is believed that childhood is an evidence of the faith of God in human being. Nature has given childhood as a gift to human being wants to enjoy their childhood life freely and happily.

Even after 64 years of independence from the British rule, the children who are considered as the futures citizens of the country are not allowed to enjoy their valuable childhood and it is in the condition of a child that their lies the future of any society or nation. Children’s are the mirrors of the society. The
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Reasons why child labour continues.

• Families parents have a vested interest in letting the practice continue because they are from poor family background they look upon these children as a means of earning money.

• Employers too welcome child labour because even fully trained children receive half the salary that is paid to adults.

• Very often parents take loans or advances payments from the contractors or employers themselves.

• No implementation of law by the agencies.

• Not awarding the imprisonment to the violator of provisions of this Act.

• The owner always welcome the child labour , because they are to curious in the work.[4]

iv) The Government of India has already taken number of measures.

The Government formed the Gurupadaswamy committee on Child Labour according to the committee, it has changes radically with the advent of industrialization and urbanization. Earlier, the children were employed to agriculture and plantation only, where they were involved in sowing, reaping and harvesting etc. but industrialization has employed them in hazardous works like bidi rolling, fire cracker making, matchbox making, pencil making, bangle making, carpet making etc.

This child labour, it is more common in all developing countries, it is definitely universal phenomenon. In Nepal, millions of children are employed in leather industries. In

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