Child Labour: NOT Always Wrong

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A young child dies from exhaustion, their limp body has been pushed to the very limit and they finally give in to death and another child has just become a statistic. This child was not even eleven years old. They had just completed their twenty hour day and then stumbled home 6 miles from where they were working. They saw their house in the distance which gave them hope to keep on walking. They dragged their feet towards the corner where they slept; their eyes are drooping not just from physical tiredness but from the pain of living this way. The last thing this little child saw was darkness, the last thing this weak child felt was coldness and the last thing this unfortunate child could do, was give up. At last this child is able to…show more content…
Not for one second do I condole the sick and terrible ways children are treated but we cannot have a closed mind. We have to realise a six year old child does not want to go to work; they have to go to work. The parents do not want to have to see their children working in this way, but it is necessary for the family to survive. Is this child wrong to help?
Therefore, even if we could stop child labour the sad truth is that children in less economically developed countries will still die. They will starve to death along with their the scenario any better? When child labour is not necessary then no child should have to suffer but when it is necessary...can we deny a family their lives? Should they be made to pay the price for their husbands and fathers deaths, their crops failing because they were unable to grow? No, we can only try to help these people. Try to make working conditions better, raise money for these unfortunate families and try as hard as we possibly can to make sure these children do not suffer as how they have in the past. The hard, cold and unhappy truth is as long as there is family poverty there will be child labour. In this argument we are looking at the question; is child labour always wrong? Surely it is not wrong when it is a necessary part of a country’s culture.
Furthermore, in some countries attending school costs money and so many children may have to work to pay for their

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