Child Labour Should Be Banned- Final 2

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Child Labor Should Not Be Banned

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Farhana Zareen Bashar
Department of English
East West University.

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Shamsul Arefin
ID: 2007-3-10-051
Department of Business Administration
East West University.

Date of submission: 21th April, 2009.

Child Labor Should Not Be Banned

Child labour should be banned, a most pronounced subject. But why should child labour be banned? Human under age of 15 are considered as children. Most of the developing countries are mainly related in agricultural based work and their population growth rate is very high and also low economic growth rate so a large number of children are engaged in various fields of work.
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According to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (2002), Table 7.14, “64.2% of total child labour is contributed in agriculture sector and 35.8% in non-agriculture sector.” So it is very easy to realize the actual situation of child labour in agriculture sector.

Poverty is the major fact of child labour. It is the origin of child labour. Poor parents send their children to work since they are not earning enough wages for their livelihood by themselves. Furthermore, for most children, their earnings contribute to give their school fees. If we were to ban child labour, children would not be able to earn a wage and many families will become too poor to survive as well as they can also not able to be educated because of the decrease in their income. A survey of Wikipedia (n.d.), In Free Encyclopedia, Wikipedia Online, from, shows that “41.09% in Sub-Saharan Africa, 39.84% in South and East Asia, 8.64% in Latin America and Caribbean, 1.47% in Middle East and North Africa, and 0.95% in Europe and Central Asia, people are living under poverty line.” Not only that, according to the
World Bank definition (2001), from, “1.1 billon people are living who earn less than $1 per day and it is called extreme poverty, 2.7 billion people are living who earn less than $2 per day.” If we look at a chart of people who earn less than $1 per day, we see that in 2001

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