Child Ld Rape

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It also guarantees that the Dutrouxs of this world will always be able to find more children to kidnap and the Satanists like Larry King of The Franklin Cover-Up will continue to traffic children which, by the way, he has never been prosecuted for most likely due to his Bush-Reagan connections. Cathy O’Brien writes how she was trafficked to Bush and her daughter Kelly was trafficked to Herbert Walker Bush, Sr. among others. Bryce Taylor (Thanks for The Memories) writes of how she was trafficked to Ronald Reagan and how his bedtime stories involved bestial child pornography. Sick elites WILL have their sicknesses indulged and we, as a society, are paying for it in lost productivity, increased crime, and the devastated lives of their victims.…show more content…
Child sex abuse results in the most extreme trauma similar to the massive trauma of concentration camp survivors. Most have obsessive-compulsive behaviors and intrusive memories which they try to self-medicate for by drug use. They are trying to self-medicate their PTSD symptoms and the sad thing is once they are off drugs then they are dealing with the extremely painful PTSD symptoms and life does NOT SUDDENLY BECOME…show more content…
We have pretty words like incest and molestation for brutal child rape. The words themselves get these perpetrators off the hook because they imply it’s not such a big deal after all so the person can easily get over it. This is a LIE. It is one of the biggest lies of all. I have even seen a well- known TV psychiatrist imply that a woman could get over her Katrina caused PTSD with a therapist and I can honestly say my orthodontist told me she has PTSD from Katrina and just the fact that she mentioned it shows me she is not getting over it just like that. If a highly intelligent professional orthodontist finds PTSD a struggle what is the prognosis for the rest of us?? It’s like tell me your worst nightmare and then LIVE THRU IT. Then come back and tell me you were strong enough to recover on your own. Our society and all societies are so full of judgement and condemnation for the most injured among us. Most people assume nurses like working with patients but many burn out very quickly working in Psychiatry and Alzheimer’s wards. Some are in the profession for a paycheck. Some do care but burn out with the stresses of the job and understaffing. The measure of the greatness of a nation is in how they protect and
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