Child Maltreatment Among Children With Disabilities

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13 Child Maltreatment among Children with Disabilities GCHB 6500: Violence as a Public Health Problem Audrianna Haynes Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Background and Significance Child maltreatment proves to be an issue afflicting children today, and this does not leave out children with disabilities. It is a fundamental cause of childhood fatalities (Hibbard & Desch, 2007). Millions of children are affected every year due to child maltreatment. During the year 2015, child protective services registered 4 million referrals that involved about 7.2 million children, and it was determined that 683,000 of them were indeed suffering due to child maltreatment which can occur in many methods and children…show more content…
54.9%. Also, this population is more likely to have multiple recurring series of maltreatment, which is respectively, 71% vs. 29% (Fisher, 2009). Overall, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), recorded in 2015 that 1,670 children died due to maltreatment (U.S., 2017) and this included children suffering from disabilities. HHS also reported that seventy-five percent of child abuse deaths were from children less than three years old. In 2015, children under the age of one died due to abuse at a rate of 20.91 percent out of 100,000 children (U.S., 2017). There are no current statistics on the mortality rates for only children with disabilities which is a problem because this is not a non-existent problem. This issue is evident because, children with disabilities have a high chance of being seriously injured from the abuse or the abuse will lead to death, yet no statistics are detailing the effects of maltreatment in this population. Nonetheless, the available statistics show that child abuse is a problem that needs to be addressed, and a public health approach would be highly beneficial to raise awareness for this particular population and facilitate prevention. Ill-treatment of children with disabilities is a disturbing problem that needs to be addressed more deeply, as it is a major issue of concern. The current incidence of maltreatment in this population is underreported,
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