Child Maltreatment Among Children With Disabilities

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Child Maltreatment among Children with Disabilities GCHB 6500: Violence as a Public Health Problem Audrianna Haynes Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Background and Significance Child Maltreatment is still a problem plaguing children today, including children with disabilities, as it is a leading cause of serious childhood injuries and fatalities (Hibbard & Desch, 2007).Child maltreatment affects millions of children each year. In 2015, child protective service agencies received an estimated 4 million referrals involving approximately 7.2 million children and it was estimated that 683,000 of those children were victims of child maltreatment (U.S., 2017). Child maltreatment…show more content…
54.9% and have more recurring episodes of maltreatment respectively 71% vs. 29%. The maltreatment of children with disabilities is a devastating public health issue that needs to be addressed in a deeper context. The current data on the incidence and prevalence of maltreatment in this population is greatly limited due to fluctuating definitions of disability and the lack of uniform methods of classifying maltreatment, so prevalence is likely greatly underestimated. When abused, children with disabilities have a higher likelihood of being seriously injured or the abuse could lead to a fatality. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services(HHS), in 2015, 1,670 children died from maltreatment (U.S., 2017). Including children with disabilities, the younger a child the more vulnerable they are to death as the result of child maltreatment. Having said that, seventy-five percent of all child abuse fatalities were younger than 3 years old. In 2015, according HHS, children who were less than 1 year old died from abuse at a rate of 20.91 per 100,000 children in the population of children younger than 1 year old (U.S., 2017). Etiology Although having a disability itself is a risk factor for child maltreatment, there are several risk factors for this specific population of children that can also be identified, but there are only a few that can be potentially modified to reduce the risk of maltreatment among
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