Child Maltreatment And Its Effect On Children Essay

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When we turn on the news or pick up a newspaper, there is a high chance that we will read another horror story about a maltreated child. It seems as long as bad people are in this world, abuse and neglect will always exist. While statistics show that maltreatment cases have decreased, we wonder if that really is the case. Many people feel that both the police and programs created to protect children have failed. Although, we might not be able to stop maltreatment altogether, there is still room for improvement to prevent it with education and enforcing better laws for better consequences of abusers. Firstly, many people are aware that child maltreatment includes physical, sexual and emotional abuse, but some are unaware that neglect is also included in its definition. Any form of abuse of a child has detrimental effects that can last throughout their life. Physical abuse is any unwonted physical connection that occurs with the intent on harming the child like hitting, punching, burning or kicking. Sexual abuse is any form of inappropriate sexual acts towards the child, which can include just touching or taking photographs. Emotional abuse is the act of hurting a child emotionally with words, taunts or just exposure to behavior that affects them mentally. Finally, neglect is when a parent or guardian withholds or does not provide all the things the child needs to live, like food, clothing and shelter. All of these are forms of maltreatment, which are all dangerous for a child
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