Child Marriage And The United Nations Human Rights

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In South Asia, forced marriage is more common in child marriage. The girls are getting married at age where they are learning to live their childhood. Culture and traditions are very important for most people and they always want to follow it. “Child marriage also has roots within Indian culture and it’s thought to have begun during the medieval ages. During this time, there was an absolute monarchy government rules by the Delhi Sultans, who introduced the practice of child marriage” (plan UK). Followed by another quotation, according to human rights, "the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) estimates that over 14 million girls will be married before their 18th birthday over the next decade, and almost 50 percent of these child brides are in South Asia" (Human Rights). However, their childhood is taken away from them and forced them into a life of hell. According to Sudan, "most child marriages take place in South Asia and rural-Saharan Africa, according to the population fund. Regarding absolute numbers, India, because of its large population, has the most child marriage with child brides in 47 percent of all marriage" (Sudan). Through forced marriage, these girls have to leave their education apart and after marriage they have to take care of groom 's family. Sometimes these young girls have to face much consequence in the marriage, the husband or the family member would beat the girl. The family would try to make their life miserable. Forced marriage need to
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