Child Marriage

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Committee: UNICEF
Topic: Child Marriage
Country: Netherlands
School: Rato Bangala School

Child Marriage is a prevailing problem all over the world. Ranging from Asia to Africa, it is still prevailing in our society; mainly because of reasons such as poverty, lack of education and traditions. Child marriage can take place between an older partner and a child, which in most of the cases, is an older man and a young girl. It also takes place between young children themselves; it is likely that the girls are much more affected by the marriage due to early pregnancy and lack of health facilities. This social disorder possesses not only a great threat to the health of the women and girls who are married at an extremely young age, but also breaches their freedom, their freedom to get education, make decisions for themselves and most importantly their freedom to live their lives as they wish. Netherlands for an instance is an unmitigated supporter of the rights of individuals, which believes that when someone is forced into marriage at a young age with or without their consent, it is a violation of that person’s rights. However, it is understood that child marriage is an extremely sensitive issue because it of its traditional value to many cultures. Netherlands believes that the main and only reason behind child marriage is because of reprobate traditions in some parts of the world. But Netherlands, unlike other countries does not face problems regarding child marriage
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