Child Marriage Is A Growing Problem

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Most girls dream of their wedding from a very young age, from meticulously planning each detail to fantasizing about walking down the aisle. But, for many girls across the world, their wedding day is something to dread. In many cases, these girls are forced to marry men much older than themselves, sometimes even by three or four decades. The International Center for Research on Women defines child marriage as, “a formal marriage or informal union before age 18” (np), and although rarely mentioned, child marriage is a growing problem worldwide. The United Nations Populations Fund states, “In developing countries, one in every three girls is married before reaching age 18. One in nine is married under age 15” ( Young brides who are put in this terrible situation face tremendous mental and physical risks and often die from the abuse they receive from their husband. The following paper will highlight the oppression young brides face including first hand stories, female genital mutilation, and health consequences across the Middle East and Eastern Asia. To begin with, child marriages are very common in impoverished countries where most girls are viewed as an unneeded expense and parents often desire to get them out of the house as soon as possible. In which case, many girls do not receive an education, which is very beneficial. Many parents also believe that marrying their daughters young is profitable to them, as it prevents rape from unmarried men and will

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