Child Marriage Is A Violation Of Children

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Child marriage is a forced marriage where the individual or individuals’ are children and under the age of 18 who cannot or do not consent to being married (Jelenic & Keeley 2013). This essay argues that the best way to prevent child marriage in Australia is to generate tougher criminalisation laws. The essay will begin by briefly outlining the extent of child marriage in Australia before going on to illustrate a case study that expresses the issue. The essay will then argue potential solutions, including means of tougher criminalisation for offenders. It will further consider the importance of education for children and touch on methods to raise awareness, before drawing on ways the community can work together to prevent child marriage. Finally the essay will reflect on the arguments taken and conclude with the best way to prevent child marriage in Australia.

Child marriage is a violation of children’s human rights and often involves physical, emotional, financial, sexual or psychological pressure and abuse (Levesque 1999). Approximately 14 million children as young as 8 years of age fall victim to child marriages worldwide each year, robbing them of their childhood, education and future dreams (Quinell 2015). A study conducted by the ‘National Children’s and Youth Law Centre’ identified over 250 cases of child marriages in Australia over 24 months (Jelenic & Keeley 2013). The study confirmed that over 15 Australian children are being sent overseas each year for a forced

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