Child Marriage Should Be Legal

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Children should be able to experience their childhood and be able to enjoy those worriless year not worry about anything. Living life is not all about growing up, it about living and enjoys it to help making yourself happy about what have accomplished and experience. A child should not have to choose between their childhood and their parent or a religion. Both girls and boys are affected by child marriage, but girls are affected in much larger numbers and with greater intensity. Child marriage is seen across the country but it is far higher in rural than in urban areas. Girls from poorer families, castes and tribes, and with lower education levels are more likely to marry at a younger age.
Child marriage has been a popular situation in India, which leads to so many children losing their childhood and becoming an adult to fast. A child shouldn’t be married off before they become women because they grow up to fast and forget how to be child and become a woman with lot of responsible to handle before reaching the age 18-year. When a child get marriage at a young age they 're not beneficial form anything that is happen them it 's just hurting them. Being married so young limit their opportunities and early marriages can lead to numerous medical and psychological problems, particularly in relation to early child-births where the mother is not physically mature. The misconceptions about child is that people believe that the kids are living together, but when these girls get
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