Child Mental Health Program By Carol Alden

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Summary Carol Alden was referred to an infant mental health program by a public health nurse. At that time, she was suffering from postpartum depression, agoraphobia, and possible domestic abuse. Ms. Alden was 4 months pregnant with her second child; her first child, Kyle, was 16 months old. The children’s father did not live in the home, and the relationship between him and Ms. Alden was turbulent. She eventually pursued legal involvement to restrain him from further contact with her. An infant mental health (IMH) specialist visited Ms. Alden in her home who then agreed to work with her further. She visited Ms. Alden twice per week to work on attachment between Ms. Alden and Kyle, connect her with resources, and help her work through feelings regarding her relationship with the children’s father, negative childhood experiences, and the birth of a second child. The IMH specialist developed an emotionally supportive and helpful therapeutic alliance with Ms. Alden. After several months, the IMH specialist agreed to be the support person in the delivery room with Ms. Alden after determining there was no one suitable to do so. After delivery, the baby was diagnosed with a lymphangioma, and she required extensive medical care the first few weeks after birth. The IMH specialist continued to be an emotional support for Ms. Alden and stayed with her during the infant’s surgery. She arranged care for Kyle and helped Ms. Alden work through her emotions regarding her newborn and

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