Child Molestation Essay example

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There are many problems in society today that are not always easily detected. Although these problems may be terrible problems, they are still, for different reasons, difficult to identify. Because these problems are so hard to identify criminals are able to commit these crimes multiple times. One of these problems is child molestation.            Child molestation is a problem that is highly evident in youth sport leagues. Molesters are often found in these leagues because of the many targets for molestation present in the leagues. People involved in the youth sport leagues do not detect this problem because the type of molestation that occurs in these leagues is not the typical type that…show more content…
Among the ways of prevention are background checks, a better understanding of the problem, not as close relationships with the coaches, and education and communication with the children. In some states background checks for coaches are mandatory and free, in others they are not mandatory and if wanted they cost the person who wants to check forty dollars. Although this seems like a small price to pay, with all the positive remarks said about the coaches, parents might not want to go spend forty dollars on a long shot. If this situation came up when I was the commissioner or person in charge of the league, I would make these checks mandatory for every coach and every volunteer working with children and I would petition for this to be a nation wide rule. I know from experience that in Massachusetts it is mandatory for all people working or volunteering with children a background check must be done and papers must be filled out that say you have not been incarcerated for any offense in the past. All volunteers and coaches should be checked with the Megan’s law CD-ROM sex registry and also checked for further offenses.            Another part of the solution to this problem is that parents need to be further educated on the subject. If parents are as ignorant about the subject as I was they need to be more educated. Before I read this article I did not
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