Child Neglect : A Form Of Maltreatment

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Child neglect is a form of maltreatment. In other words, it is the failure of parents, guardians or caregivers to meet the child’s needs such as adequate supervision, clothes, shelter, food, health treatments, education and nurturing their emotional, physical, cognitive and mental development. In this paper, we will talk about early childhood neglect from ages birth to five years old, and the benefits of child welfare-supervised children 's participation in center-based Early Care and Education (ECE). Additionally, we will focus on an evidence-based intervention in which we will explore the program’s benefits and positive outcomes for the children that attend the program in contrast to the ones that do not. Moreover, we will identify the correct system of care and some of the programs within the tri-county area that might implement this intervention. Additionally, we will talk about the demographics of the children and setting of which intervention is best for them. Lastly, we will give an estimation of how many sessions are needed for the intervention to work, and what sorts of trainings might be necessary for the well-being of the child.
The Intervention
In most cases, child neglect can be very difficult to indicate especially if the child never discusses his or her living situation due to the fact that he or she is too young to express feelings unless he or she is being closely observed. According to Crosson-Tower (2010), “… neglect is less dramatic than the
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