' Child Neglect, Child Neglect Child Abuse, Violence, Dark Thoughts?

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Warning: Child neglect, Child Abuse, Violence, Dark thoughts " You never spend time with our kids Lucy! All you do is write your stupid novels, the house is a mess and the kids are running a muck!" " Oh wah, sorry that I'm not a nanny! What, this isn't my all my fault. You're only home on weekends and all you do is sleep you lazy ass!" It was like clockwork, their mother would spend most of her days writing her newest stories online, while Bailey and her brother Scott has free-rein of the house. Bailey would always try to get her older brother to play simple board games or just play outside, however, Scott was determined to do what he wanted. The house had knife marks damaged the walls and the kitchen filled with failed creations. Bailey felt like this was wrong, she knew it was. Despite knowing this, Bailey started to follow in her brother foot steps. She would even get a step further and start very aggressive fist fights with her brother. Bailey and Scott had no remorse for what they did, until one argument that gave them the dose of reality they feared the most. " I'm working my lazy ass to keep this house afloat! What, you think those cheesy writings will get you anywhere! Why aren't you raising our children?" " I NEVER WANTED DAMN KIDS FRANK. All they do is scream and cry and I hate this, I hate being a mother I never wanted this! Frank, I wanted to be a novelist and now I'm stuck as STUPID HOUSE KEEPER. I've been in college for 10

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