Child Obesity Effect

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Childhood obesity is an exponentially growing epidemic that is being ignored. Studies have shown that “the number of overweight children in the United States has grown at an alarming rate, with 1 out of 3 kids considered overweight or obese” (Kids Health). Two ways childhood obesity could be combated are by enforcing mandatory physical education in grade schools or by limiting the amount of screen time allotted to children. One of the main ways to end child obesity is to bring back physical education. According to “nearly half of school administrators (44%) reported cutting significant time from physical education and recess” (Institute of Medicine). Since kids spend the majority of the day in school it would only make sense to include some sort of physical exercise at some point in their day. The removal of physical education has a detrimental impact on kids, branding in them that physical education simply is not as important as their academic education. The…show more content…
The amount of time that children are spending staring at a television, phone, or gaming screen is having negative effects on their overall health . If parents limit the amount of time that their children are using these devices and encourage them to get involved in other activities, like going to the park or playing a game of hide and seek, there may be a huge difference in terms of their physical health. The media in general is also exposing children to so many unhealthy habits via commercials, gaming themes, etc., that they should not be partaking in. Any way, to get children to put down the devices or move away from the television will improve the way that they live their lives now and in the
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