Child Observation : Cognitive And Language Development

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Child observation: #1 Cognitive and Language development Introduction: Name of the child: CJ Age: 2yrs and 10months (34 months) Date of observation: 6/19/2016 Time: 2.40pm to 4.40pm Context: Observation took place in their home. The living room dimension is approximately 16 x 20 feet, giving enough room for movement. On entering the living room, on the east corner is a 50-inch television and to the west is the dining set. This room is furnished with tan leather couches, center table and red rug over the bare floor. On the walls are family pictures, pictures of CJ and his brothers, personal pictures of CJ and personal pictures of his brothers. And there is a door that leads to the backyard. Mom, CJ and two older siblings were home. Dad was at work. The two older siblings with the request of Mom came up to the living room to say Hi to me and went back down to the basement where handymen were doing some work. Actual observation: I walked into the living room where the toddler lay on his stomach on the center table playing video game. He did not notice someone worked in; if he did notice, he did not show it because he did not shift his attention from his game. Mom announced my presence “look who has come to our house, she has come to observe how we are doing”, yet he did not raise his head nor did anything to acknowledge my presence. But as soon as Mom made a request for me to follow her to the basement to see the extent of work being done, CJ immediately got up from the table
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