Child Observation Of Conner's Childhood

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In March of 2016 I observed a child, Conner at his school, in his kindergarten class, on Friday, March 4 and 11, for two hours each time. On Saturday, March 12th, I observed Conner at a park in Edmond, for another two hours. The park is where Conner has his bi-weekly play dates with this biological mother. Conner is a six year old boy who lives in Edmond with his biological dad and his step mother. The family has recently gone through an attempted suicide with Conner’s biological mother, which has caused a change in the amount of time he is able to spend with his biological mother.
I interviewed Mrs. Long, Conner’s kindergarten teacher. I felt Mrs. Long to be a very caring and full of life type of teacher. She did well at keeping the kids
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