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There are many different areas that one must focus on as they are attempting to create a developmentally appropriate curriculum for young children. All of these aspects are equally important to the learning process. Therefore, it is imperative that we as teachers take the process of planning this curriculum very seriously. Not only is it important that we understand the basic guidelines for a lesson plan, we also need to be knowledgeable of the developmental and learning theories as well. These theories will help us to understand the way a child learns mentally and physically. Once we fully
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Erik Erikson has a psychosocial theory; this is the interaction between the person 's social emotional state and their interpersonal environment. He believes that within the first year of life, an infant learns how to trust. It is crucial that the infant 's needs are met. In the second year of life, a child is demonstrating self control and independence. We can reinforce this concept by accepting and encouraging them. Between the third and the fifth year of life, a child is eager to learn and is very curious about their environment. Their motor skills are rapidly developing so that they can now run, hop and also ride a tricycle. At the ages six through eleven, a child is learning problem solving and critical thinking. They are learning how to cooperate with others and love a challenge.
Jean Piaget came up with the theory of cognitive development, which is basically the way that a child learns and thinks. Spodek and Saracho (1994) quoted one of Piaget 's articles that stated a child 's system of thought develops through a series of stages, common to all children of all cultures. Piaget 's theory is broken down into four stages; Sensorimotor stage, Preoperational stage, Concrete Operational stage and Formal Operations stage. The first stage, Sensorimotor, is applied from birth to the age of two. Infants use their sensory systems and reflexes, in time the child
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