Child Observation Report Essay

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Child Observation Report

Lecturer: Dr. Stephanie L. Knight
Observer: Afra Mohamed Taha
Observant: 3-4 year old boy
Topic: Entire Observation
Setting: Airport. A family consists of a father, a mother, three daughters and a son.
Goal: Observing the boy to see his entire behavior, in addition to his reaction to reinforcement and punishment.
Time: 52 minutes
Method used: Systematic Observation (Specimen Record and Event Sampling)

Data collection:
This report is based on a “Systematic Observation” (Berk, 2003, p.44). I designed a simple form to record the data based on specimen record and event sampling in which the
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As we noticed he didn't respond to her in the first time, but later when she warned him he responded by behaving for a few minutes only. Children at this age cannot stay for a long time without moving or doing something. Parents and/or care givers can keep them busy by telling stories, playing with them or maybe by providing any kind of toys to assure that they are not bored. When they do not have any thing to do they will try to attract the adults' attention by doing such misbehavior.
The child started to move again. He lied backwards again, repeating the same dangerous movement. When the mother didn't get any positive reaction, she shouted at him. Then she walked over to him and pinched him on his arm. He quickly got up and sat quietly. He didn't cry but his eyes started to tear. He then looked around; I think he wanted to see if any one had seen what happened. He tried not to cry, and did not want to be seen by others. He stayed again in his chair for about fifteen minutes and he then continued to do other dangerous behaviors. He jumped out of his chair. There was a concrete column near the chair, he walked over to it and started to spin around. His mother told him to go back to his chair and he did so. His father then came, as soon as the boy saw him he ran to him, and clung to his legs. The father picked him up and they left. His movement was obviously dangerous. According to learning theories and children's milestones, children at

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