Child Observation Report Essay

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Natalie lives with her mother, Rachel, her father, Paul, and her baby sister of 10 months Katie. Rachel is a housewife and does not have a job outside the home, but is planning to go back when both children go to school. Paul is a full time self-employed joiner working 8:00-6:00, but helps around the house and with the children on a morning, night and weekends. They live in a large bungalow on a small poultry farm in quiet village in North Yorkshire. They have a large grassed garden at both front and back of the house. There garden has a well built up fence that Natalie can’t get out of they also have a garden gate that is always locked so her garden is very safe. In the garden Natalie has a small swing…show more content…
Physical Description: Natalie has a very pretty face with pale clear skin. Natalie’s face fairly round and small. She has large, round, blue, eyes with long brown eyelashes. She has light brown hair, which is naturally curly, it is shoulder length long and fairly thin. Natalie has nice clean white teeth and takes care of them daily. Natalie is a small build, she weighs 14 kg and her height is 95 cm this means she is below average for her age (REF 3). Natalie has small round legs and long thin arms, with small thin fingers. Natalie was born with six fingers on one hand; it has now been removed and is left with a small lump this does not bother her now. Natalie is now at an age where you can tell that she is right-handed. Personality: Natalie is usually quite bubbly but only in front of people she knows. Natalie takes a while to get used to people when she trusts them she is very loud and lively. Natalie can be fairly cheeky, but is very quiet and shy when around strangers. She is very impatient and will often seek her mother’s attention. Physical Ability (fine manipulative skills): For an average three year old Natalie can do most things (Ref1.). She is able to hold a crayon and draw faces, copy circles and letter V’s. Natalie can also hold a spoon in the tip of

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