Child Observational Study

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Throughout the course what caught my interest was the methods we as human learn and how it can be fundamental to our growth from childhood to adulthood. As children observe every action and gesture around them, human tend to learn indirectly. This means we watch others and implicate what they do in an observational learning. Human do observational learning in a very early age as 2-3 days old prior to being born. The pro of observational learning as toddlers and preschoolers is helping solve complex problems, such as puzzle box or memory pattern. The observational learning has three cognitive processes: attention, being able to observe the behavior of the person. Remember, the ability to recall the action that was initiated later in the process of memory. Action, reproducing the behavior in your best capacity through motor skills. This three factors are needed for observation learning to take place. Also, for them to take place in the observational learning, there must be some type of motivation as the key initiator for the behavior to happen. There are factors that increases our ability to imitate…show more content…
This may be driving a car, doing make-up, or tie shoes that we had to imitate someone else to obtain the skill or technique. The implications of observational learning is that it can be obtained from different channels and influences in a child’s learning stage. This can be through television shows or living environment that can influence the increase of a positive or negative behaviors in children. According to our psychology book, adolescents who watched large amounts of television containing sexual content, such as Friends and That ‘70s Show, were twice as likely to begin engaging in sexual intercourse in the following year as adolescents who were the same age but watched the least amount of sexually oriented programming (Hockenbury & Nolan,
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