Child Pornography And Child Trafficking Essay

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There are a total of 17.9 million children in Thailand under the age of 18, which includes homeless children, runaway children, children who live in poverty, or children who have a disability SOS CHILDREN. The estimated number of children in commercial sexual exploitation today in Thailand varies from 600,000 to 800,000 SEX TRAFFICKING BOOK. More than 80% of these victims are women and girls, and 70% of them are forced into sexual servitude SEX TRAFFICKING BOOK. When a person obtains children for the purpose of sexual exploitation or child pornography and plan to victimize these children for illegal activities, this is defined as commercial sexual exploitation Commercial Sexual Exploitation Fact Sheet. UNICEF Commercial Sexual Exploitation, which includes child trafficking, child pornography, and child sex tourism U.S DEPT, is one of the fastest growing and most profitable criminal activities in the world. CHILD TRAFFICKING. Thailand is the beginning destination and transit country for men, women, and children exposed to forced labor and sex trafficking U.S. Department of State – Thailand or SEX TRAFFICKING BOOK. We need to prevent child trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation by fighting the demand for sex and cutting the supply of children. The existing research on commercial sexual exploitation of children has primarily focused on why children entered the commercial sexual exploitation market, but few studies have looked at how the children entered the market SEX
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