Child Poverty And Its Effects On Children 's Adjustment

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Child poverty is a major issue in the United States. Poverty can be associated with violence, abuse, malnutrition, problems with learning ability and school achievement and inadequate healthcare, which can negatively affect the developmental process of a child. Poverty indirectly impacts children’s adjustment and the ability to successfully adapt in the environment. This can affect the health of children and lead to psychological disorders. While it seems impossible to completely eliminate childhood poverty, there are numerous strategies that can be used to help reduce the number of children living in poverty. The government plays a role in the establishment of organizations and funding programs that help low income families. These…show more content…
Evidence based research shows that “mental disorders are highly disabling for all the world 's populations” (Druss, Marcus, Rosenheck, Olfson, Tanielian, & Pincus, 2000). However, the reason for disparity within lower social class can be attributed to unmet mental health needs possibly due to lack of insurance. This group may be less likely to seek treatment and when they do, they have less access to adequate healthcare. By not receiving effective and timely treatment, this contributes to increased mental health issues. Exposure to risk factors and less access to adequate care contribute to stress and life predicaments that put children at higher risks for psychological disorders.
Race and Poverty in US Children
There are considerable differences in poverty levels between racial groups in the United States. According to data issued by DeNavas-Walt, Proctor, and Smith (2009), Hispanics and Blacks experience the largest percentage of poverty in comparison to non-Hispanic Whites and Asians. The data shows a large disparity between wealth and earnings in these minority households in comparison to White households. Children who live with two parents are likely to be more economically advantaged than children who live with a single parent. However, when comparing the Blacks and the Whites, it was found that “Black children who lived in a married couple family, in the same proportion as whites, their poverty rates were still nearly double those of
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