Child Poverty

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Child Poverty, Is there a Solution?


Child Poverty has been an ongoing issue throughout the world for decades. We've seen it become a problem dating back the great depression, World War I and World War II. Also the problem of child poverty is a huge concern in other ends of the world. In this paper I will talk to you about child poverty at a glance fallowed by poverty levels in different places. Lastly I will touch on the Illinois and Chicago's child poverty level.

We all have an idea of what poverty is, but too many it's just a topic that is put off that is not strongly talked about. According to UNICEF they have defined Child Poverty as “environment that is damaging to their mental, physical, emotional and
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Gross national Income per capita was $32,600. Children under 5 and their morality rank were 161 in 2005 where as in 1990 the rate was 8. (The numbers can be found at Looking at the United States and the numbers. Gross national income for 2007 in the U.S is $46,040 and the life expectancy is only at 78 years old. The United States is looked at a country of giving. The United States raises money each year to charities to help end child poverty. Looking at the country to the south, Mexico is has a 43.5% of their population under the age of 18.Many kids in Mexico fight their way to leave home and travel the harsh lands and to force themselves to jump the border into the United States to better themselves. In Mexico 3.5% of children are parts of an extreme formal and informal labor force. Approximately 24 million Mexicans live in extreme poverty. Their gross national income is at $8,340 for 2007.

Now seeing we are in the wonderful state of Illinois I'm going to fill you in on some of the child poverty problems that you might not know of. Since 2000, child poverty rates have increased from 15-17%. 54,000 children are poor in the state of Illinois. 59% of Chicago's children live in families that are low income. The average household earnings in 2007 for a family of three are only at $34,340 a year. The state of Illinois try's to help those families by applying to public health insurance
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