Child Poverty

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For the purpose of this assignment I shall be discussing what child poverty is, the factors of child poverty in the United Kingdom and how child poverty will be tackled. In the UK families have a prime responsibility to nurture and care for their children through various development stages (UNICEF 2012 ). Child poverty can happen from the break up of families, being in debt, poor education or unfortunately an orphan or born in to the situation (BBC, 2012). All children have the right to embark on the best possible start to life, within a secure and happy environment with support into adulthood and the opportunity for potential.
One third of the UK has the worst child poverty rate in the European Union, however child
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Furthermore genetics is another factor, as inheritance plays a big part in determine the lifespan of individuals. Parental behaviour and coping skills such as balanced eating, being active not smoking or drinking play a major part in influencing children (Nursing standard n.d). Consequently poverty does lead to ill health, also lack of nutrition, housing and environment also contribute in causing ill-health. Therefore Individuals that are unemployed and relying on the government for benefits is one of the major causes of child poverty.
The impact of child poverty on a child 's life when the family income is so low can plunge the family in to debt just for paying for the basic necessities such as heating, food and clothing. However, education is another area of serious concern which shows that children in poverty are denied educational and social activities within schools (End-poverty ). Furthermore housing has become the biggest threat to the well-being of children whilst being affected by poverty. Going without essentials, living in houses that are in a poor state of repair, and having no area to play and socialise can effectively cause long term health problems such as disabilities alongside emotional and behavioural problems (Natcen 2010).
According to the (Child Poverty Act 2011) it is the responsibility of the government to ensure the
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