Child Poverty : Where Will They End Up?

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Child in Poverty, Where Will They End Up? A child in poverty can have negative and positive effects on their opportunity for social mobility, as oppose to a child that is born in a higher class. It is believed that if you are born into a poor family you will stay poor. It’s very hard to move up from your social status if you have very little to begin with. The effects that poverty has on a child’s opportunity are things like not being able to get a higher education, having and not having the motivation to strive for better opportunities because of situation their family is in, and will not have as many opportunities as a child born into a family of a higher social status. Children who live in poverty will not be living in the nicer neighborhoods. In result, they will not be attending the best schools. Many times the child does not seem ready for school. They lack the desire, or ability to comprehend the material. “Children from low-income families often do not receive the stimulation and do not learn the social skills required to prepare them for school.”(Brooks-Gunn, Duncan, Page 61) The best schools are most likely in the neighborhoods where there are less crimes and more money. Those kids have more opportunities available to them like computers, better quality books, and more qualified teachers. If you go to a school that does not have those resources, what are the chances of that child having a better social status than that of a kid who did? “More than 30 million
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