Child Prostitution As An Illegal Act

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Across the world each day, there are hundreds of cases of children unwillingly partaking in prostitution. In 2002, research by Willis and Levy stated, "Child Prostitution involves offering the sexual services of a child or inducing a child to perform sexual acts for any form of compensation, financial or otherwise." (Willis & Levy 2002) Children who encounter such sexual activities under the age of eighteen are considered children, and is seen as illegal. Individuals who are older than eighteen are no longer a child in the government 's eyes. For the past decade, or so, the world has done their best to look at childhood prostitution as an illegal act-- shutting down facilities and speaking up for children whose voices are not always heard. Through prostitution, trafficking, and the black market of trade have been of recent concern for all parties due to the illegal acts of using, selling, and purchasing children. The new millennial has brought forth many issues with these particular means because of the unforeseen futures of these innocent children. Throughout the years the number of children that have been harmfully touched or talked to in a damaging way has increased drastically. Willis and Levy stated in an article that, “an estimated 1 million children are forced into prostitution every year and the total number of prostituted children could be as high as 10 million.” (Willis & Levy 2002) This number is growing each year and we, as Americans, are the only way to fix

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