Child Prostitution In Asia Essay

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Child Prostitution In Asia

Children as Chattels Close your eyes. Imagine a young girl about six tied to a bed in a brothel and forced to service fifteen to thirty men in one night. Imagine this girl living in poverty, after all promises of selling herself told of riches. Now imagine this girl is your own. These are not pretty thoughts, but these actions are commonplace in Asia. In the February 1995 issue of World & I, Christopher P. Baker discusses his findings in the article, Kiddy Sex-Luring the Tourist for Love Beneath the Palms.

In Asia more than half of the working prostitutes are under the age of 16, many of those are under the age of ten. Most people who hear the staggering statistics, just like me, ask why. There are many
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Of course the main reason for the child prostitution in Asia is poverty. Many child prostitutes are sold by their parents for about $350-$600. Others are lured by the promise of respectable work, while others are kidnapped and held captive in brothels. These children are then required to work off their debt to the owner, usually only receiving $3-$4 for each client, where $2-$3 goes for room and board. Most of these children are on call 24 hours a day, and receive no payment at all. Child prostitution is illegal in Asia just as in the U.S. The main difference is police in Asia are so corrupt they actually stand guard for the brothels. The UN has also taken steps to help stop child prostitution in Asia. It is a travesty to allow children to be treated this way. The only future a country has is it’s youth, and it is a shame to see them so defiled.

Children for Sale Shel Silverstein wrote a poem that I read when I was very young that told the tale of gypsies coming to buy the town’s children. These thoughts put the fear of God in me as a child, but they are a reality in Asia. Many of the child prostitutes in Asia were bought from or sold by their families to “the gypsies”. Cameron W. Barr talks about child prostitutes in Asia in his article “Asia’s Traffickers Keep Girls in Sexual Servitude”, in the August 22, 1996 edition of Christian Science Monitor. Many of the children brought into
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