Child Prostitution Research

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arrenged three world congresses against sexual explotation of children and Adolescents. The first one took place in Sweden in 1996, the second one was in Japan in 2001 and the third one was in Brazil in 2008. ECPAT took a leading role in these congresses with the aid of many International organizations such as WHO, ILO, UNICEF and many NGO groups that are willing to help to end worldwide child prostitution. (, 2015 ). These acts was very helpful to end child prostitution, but it is also needed to conduct campaigns in social media because it is fact that a global response from millions can be incentive to accomplish a goal. One of the most successful social media campaign in recent years was ice bucket challenge that helped…show more content…
Instead, human traffickers supply both children and adults to these regions from other places to meet the demand. Kabance mentions that these criminal organizations are multi national that have an effective influence on both border control and internal security units. States in that region such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam could cooperate to eradicate human trafficking because these criminal organizations are too powerful that one state's power would not enough to deal with them. (p.30-34)Moreover, anti-trafficking NGOs have been central to public awareness and advocacy in human trafficking because they play a role as whistleblowers that take public attention to the sex trafficking. It is these NGOs' role to take the support of public because it is significantly important to report crimes, suspicious events to enlighten the case that would make governments' works easier. Also, these NGOs such as Human Rights Watch and…show more content…
These pedophile advocacy groups deny their acts to be defined as sickness. Instead, they claim that their actions are caused because of the inherent nature of human which is nonsense because there is not any logical thought that supports their action. Sadly, these organizations play an important role to make child sex tourism organized because they promote pedophiles' behavior and find child sex tourism places for these abusers. Matar argues that few NGOs such as Fight Against Child Explotation and ECPAT maintain an anti-pedophile movement to permanently stop them. (p. 169). In addition to this, a tight passport control mechanism is needed to prevent these children predators. Hall argues that %25 of the arrested pedophiles are Americans, %16 of them are Germans, %13 of them are British and %13 of them are Australian. Therefore it is necessary for these NGOs to maintain anti-pedophile activism worldwide. As these NGOs acknowledge governments about this concerning issue, governments can cancel passports when they doubt that the one's purpose is sexually abusing children. (p. 159-161). Overall, child sex tourism still exists today in Thailand and many other regions. There are certain actions can be made by both some international organizations and NGOs to end child prostitution. Legal prosecutions should be more repressive, global awareness projects that made by ECPAT and UNICEF
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