Child Prostitution in Asia

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Child Prostitution in Asia In ancient times, children were viewed as smaller versions of adults. There was little perceptible difference between an adult and their younger counterparts. By the Middle Ages and up until the Renaissance, girls as young as twelve were still considered marriageable age. Sexualizing children was a form of their education and indoctrination into the world of adults. However, in the modern time, we have come to understand that children and childhood is a time for innocence and development. The historical adulteration of children was rightly seen as barbaric and archaic. Forcing children into adult roles can lead to a destructive adulthood. Physical and emotional abuse of children can destroy someone. Even worse is the type of abuse characterized by sexual activity and sexual interaction with children. The sexual abuse of children leads to abnormal development and an adult with severe mental problems, prone to violence and often continuing the chain of abuse into subsequent generations. Forcing a child to commit sexual acts before they are physically or mentally mature enough to handle it is the worst kind of crime. Yet, in nations all over the world, this kind of abuse not only occurs, but is a profitable business for perpetrators. Child prostitution is illegal all over the world, but in some countries the laws against child prostitution and the use of underage people for sexual interactions are lax and often go unenforced. The World Congress
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