Child Protection And The United States

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Child Protective Services in Texas Reading about child labor and abuse during 1800-1900’s in early American history books might lead a student to believe we are far from the seemingly distant past of neglected children. However, child protection services in America is still relatively young and despite the continued growth of social policies regarding the nation’s children, yet every day we still have thousands of children that are harmed and without a voice. This paper will briefly describe the history of U.S. vs. Texas policies regarding child protective laws, specifically the foster system and CPS. It will also analyze the differences between the Federal policy and Texas policy and recommended the weak areas of Texas’ Child Protection…show more content…
Research studies were done that shined a light on the issue of child and sexual abuse that was largely quiet and unheard, similar to the small and innocent voice of a child. Briefly discussing major provisions in the CAPTA Reauthorization Act of 2010 includes, states eligibility and length of program involvement, monitoring how the funds are used, annual reporting, CPS grants, and State plans including laws (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2016). Another recent and important policy implemented by the Federal Government is the Child and Family Services Improvement Act of 2006. This policy included, “a 5- year authorization, with $325 million for each fiscal year 2007-2011” and thus allowed “a broader array of services and activities and promotes more flexibility for States to design their programs accordingly” (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2016). This paper will only highlight a minor portion of the vast amount of laws and policies passed by the Federal Government. The Federal Children’s Bureau has done an outstanding job passing laws to protect children, however, each State has the freedom to implement their own programs run it as they see fit and subsequently, some states have more efficient programs than other. Currently, the national spotlight is shining a very bright on the failures of Texas child protection programs, “Marcia Robinson Lowry, founder and formerly executive
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