Child Protection Laws For Adam Walsh

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July 27th 1981, it was a Monday afternoon, Reve and her son Adam went out for a shopping trip, Adam at the time was six years old, they stopped at Sears to shop for some new lamps that John had seen in the local shopping ad. When the mother and son walked into the store Adam noticed a video display of the new Asteroids game and begged his mother to play the game whilst she shopped. After a short period of hesitation she eventually relented and let her son play the game assuming her child would be okay while she was only going to be a few aisles away from her son. She told her Adam where she would be and would return in a few minutes to pick him up, gave him a kiss and rushed to find the lamps she was looking for. Unfortunately upon her return Adam would not be where Reve had left him and to her dismay she would never see her son alive again.
Child protection laws prior to Adam Walsh were very limited on who can be near a child or if a child was killed there could be no telling on who did the crime, according to Shelly Reese she states “most states did not collect palm prints or DNA samples”. The father of Adam Walsh, John, played a huge role in protecting future children become safer in a growing world of danger. He created the hit television series America’s Most Wanted which helped capture hundreds of criminals. So as a result of his son’s death he and his wife created the passage of the 1982 Missing Children’s Act, the establishment of the National Center for Missing…
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