Child Protection

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Every single child in the world regardless of race, culture, gender, age deserves to be loved, cared for and kept free from harm and abuse. Children have a right to enjoy their childhood free from violence, injury or abuse at the hands of adults. This right is preserved in law, from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child down to national laws and guidelines which cover all children not just those that are abused and neglected. In 1987 the Department of Health introduced the Child Abuse guidelines because child abuse had become a major social problem.

According to Mia Kellmer Pringle she lists 'The Need For Love and Security' as a significant developmental need. It provides the basis for all later relationships, a
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An investigation by an independent inquiry team into Kelly Fitzgerald’s death recommended that the constitution be changed to protect the rights of children, but to date this has not happened. The actions of the then Western Health Board and its contacts with the Fitzgerald family were also the subject of a probe by a government committee. A report indicting the Western Health Board for its failure to protect the child was published in 1996. Among the evidence to emerge was the fact that the health board had been sent files in 1990 from the West Lambeth Health Authority showing that Kelly Fitzgerald was at risk and expressing concern about her sisters safety.

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West of Ireland Farmer Case:( McColgan), 1998
The McColgan case (which became known as the West of Ireland farmer Case), which involved the physical and sexual abuse of four of the six McColgan children by their father, was the subject of an official investigation in 1994. In 1995, Sophia McColgan’s father was sentenced to prison for the serial rape and abuse of his children over many years. He had first raped Sophia when she was only six. Joseph McColgan served only less than nine years in prison - less than half the time he spent raping and terrorising his own children.

Child Sex Abuse in Swimming, 1998.
George Gibney, the high-profile national and Olympic swimming coach was arrested and charged in April 1993 with raping seven boys and girls.
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