Child Protection Procedure And The Social Services Department Of The La Were Alerted

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The law assumes that all parents will protect and promote the interests of their children, however some do not. Therefore the state has the power to intervene and remove children from their parents to protect them from any harm. This form of child protection is the states’ greatest power. The local authority (LA) have a duty to investigate complaints if they have reason to believe that a child is at risk; this is demonstrated in the scenario where the school follows their child protection procedure and the social services department of the LA were alerted. The LA can offer both short-term, and long-term measures. There were a number of cases which highlighted the failures in the system, which led to a major overhaul of child law. The…show more content…
The heart-breaking case of Victoria Climbie [2000] led to the ‘Laming Report’ . In this case, two hospitals and two child protection teams were involved, twelve different services saw her before her death and no one took the steps to protect her. Lord Laming said ignorance is not an excuse and the blame could not be passed on junior staff. Therefore in this scenario, the LA have the duty to investigate the number of concerns which have come up about Ewan and Callum. The red flags in this scenario are that Ewan, who is 9, and Callum, who is 13, have both suffered physically with bruises and a black eye. Both of their school attendances are poor and they have been acting aggressively during school. Ewan was also looking underweight and does not socialise with his friends. More concerns are that it is difficult getting into contact with their mother, Julie. The family house is not a healthy or happy environment as it is very untidy and dirty, Julie’s boyfriend also threatened the social worker Boris. Boris also stated that Julie was agitated which may indicate mental health problems or that she is a drug abuser. All this information is extremely alarming, therefore the LA have the duty of investigating this and protecting the children from harm. One of the key principles of the Children Act 1989 (CA 1989) are non-intervention which means that the state should not intervene unless
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