Child Protections and Safeguarding-Case Study

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It may be argued that the notion of child abuse is socially constructed, in other words the definition changes over time and it may even be different from one culture/country to the next, it is ‘a product of a particular culture and context and not an absolutely unchanging phenomenon’ (Corby, 1993, p.39). For example, in the UK in the 1980’s there were four types of abuse, in 1988 there were five and in 1991 they were back to four. For example, work into child protection emerged in the 1960’s and so if this was the case Corby (1993) asks if child abuse did not exist before this or was it undiscovered? Corby (1993) speaks of ‘a conspiracy of silence’ as the NSPCC were reluctant to highlight cases of sexual abuse in the same manner as…show more content…
There are many advantages to her attending pre school which has been shown to.....

There may be issues regarding mums’ attitude towards her; the fact that she left her with a stranger and she did not seem fazed by this raises concerns regarding attachment.

It must also be noted that an unloving environment is more harmful for a child than a single occurrence of physical abuse (Department of Health, 1995, cited in Horwath, 2009).

Finding out about her family’s history is crucial and one way to do so is by speaking to a any professionals who are involved with the family; GP, health visitor, the police
By speaking to these professionals, it is easier to identify the factors that make it likely for an adult to abuse or harm a child. Greenland (1987, cited in Beckett, 2003) found that parents who were aged twenty or under at the birth of their first child, were single or separated, lived in inadequate or poor housing, lived in poverty, were unemployed or with little education were more likely to abuse their child. Whilst these indicators do not explicitly mean that mum is harming her, they are indicators that should be noted, especially since she would seem to ‘tick‘ some of the boxes.

The fact that her mother live in an inner city housing estate may pose a problem because of the association (find stats to back up). Furthermore, black families tend to live in areas where there is a high level of deprivation (Barn et al,
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