Child Protective Service And Mental Health Problems Essay

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Introduction Being able to cope within a family is very important. Family members can cause great strain on each other, especially, when individuals of such family suffer from mental health problems and disability. After reading Andrea’s case study, it is very clear that this family has a lot going on. A mother and father who are both unemployed as mom suffers from anxiety and depression, which have led her to be hospitalized a few times due to attempting suicide and dad who is now 33 years old and had an accident at the age of 14 which left him with only one good functioning hand. They raise a son by the name of Vincent, who is now 9 years old, however, he is autistic and also suffers from chronic asthma. Andrea has custody of Vincent furthermore, she is unable to care for him because of her illness and with her many visits to the hospital which have caused her to become hospitalized. This has left an impression on child protective service as they feel she is an unfit mother because she is unable to control her illness. Even though Andrea loves her son dearly, she is aware that with her conditions she might not be able to care for him, even though Vincent was so attached to her. Vincent was eventually taken from her and place with The Department of Child Protection in order to ensure his safety. One theory I believe can be useful within this case study is Family Systems Theory. This theory helps families to understand the root of their problem rather than blaming the issue
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