Child Protective Services

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CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES REFORM 1 INTRODUCTION Child Protective Services (CPS) is a complex system of assessments, investigations, and conclusions. CPS is the central agency in each communities child abuse and neglect service system. It is responsible for ensuring that preventative, investigative, and treatment services are available to children and families endangered by child abuse and neglect. As a result, CPS workers must perform a variety of functions when responding to situations of child maltreatment and play a variety of roles throughout their involvement with child protective clients. Reporting a suspective case of child maltreatment to the local CPS agency (or a family member’s own request for help with the problem) initiates…show more content…
Department of Health and Human Services in annual reports to congress in their Adoption Foster Care Report (AFCARS) (6). According to another report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Child Abuse and Neglect National Statistics (CANNS)(7), the composition of children in foster care is the result of, 10% sexual abuse, 19% physical abuse, and 63% neglect. The cost of foster care is a staggering $9,400,000,000 annually. It seems apparent that the CPS system is in dire need of reform. Funding for services needs to be completely overhauled. The higher caseload situation is compounded with reduced resources and lack of support for both families and workers. These issues are very important to all of us Americans. These children are our future. 4 We as Americans need to look into what types of reform are needed and have these issues addressed to Congress. RESEARCH QUESTIONS During my research, I will be conquering questions that are important to this subject. Questions like, “What types of reforms are currently in place?” “What type of education does a CPS worker need?” “How can we ensure expanded voluntary/preventive family support systems are adequately funded for child well-being systems to be put into place?” “What type of funding should be allocated by the federal government and state government?” “What type of liability does CPS have for inadequate protection?” “Which cases really belong with CPS and which ones should be more community- based
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