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Kathryn Graf October 29, 2014 Ordinary People written by Judith Guest is a story about a typical American family. The book examines how a family reacts to the adversity of losing a member. The book begins just over a year since the Jarrett family lost Buck, their teenage son. After reading the DSM-5 is was clear to me that Conrad was suffering from persistent depressive disorder. In order to be diagnosed with PDD you must have a depressed mood for most of the day, which in children and adolescents lasts for a year. Conrad’s problems have been going on for just over a year, as his brother died in early summer and the book takes place the next fall. His depressed mood is apparent from the very start of the book, as he mentions not having…show more content…
First, is the Diathesis and Stress model, which proposes that depression, results from the interaction of personal vulnerabilities and stressful events or circumstances. Therefore, if Conrad was susceptible either due to genetics or temperament his brother’s death could have been the stressor that resulted in his depression. Although we are only given a little information on what Conrad was like before the death of his brother, this is definitely plausible. Another factor is that research indicates that families of depressed children are characterized by problems with attachment, communication, conflict, cohesions, and support, as well as poor child rearing practices. It is clear that the Jarrett family has its fair share of family problems. The first is a problem that due to his mother’s love for Buck, Conrad feels that their relationship does not measure up. Therefore, there is most likely some attachment issues within the relationship. Lastly, there is certainly a lack of communication within the house. Nothing is talked about because there is a belief that they don’t have any problems. The article “Child and Adolescent Depression in the Family” examined the positive effects that family therapy can have on a child suffering from depression. The research found that all the studies involving a family focused treatment was effective at decreasing youth depression. I think that this would be especially important for the
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