Child Punishment Is An Controversial Topic On America And The Parenting Sphere

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Discipline in Schools Child punishment is an extremely controversial topic in America and the parenting sphere. A particular point of contention is whether or not it is effective parenting to hit children when they misbehave. There are arguments on both sides; those against it say it could turn the children into revengeful individuals. While those in favor of this form of child punishment mostly argue that they are emulating the way they were raised. Recently the subject has reemerged when the NFL suspended Minnesota Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson for punishing his child by hitting him with a switch. The case gained national attention and sparked debate despite Peterson escaping any real punishment after reaching a plea agreement in Texas. Peterson and his supporters argued he had the right to strike his child and raise him the same way he was raised, while much of the country was appalled by his actions. His punishment came in the form of a yearlong suspension from football. Where parents and guardians can be subject to legal punishment if they hit their children, teachers in some states are protected under the constitution. Which in theory could spark a Peterson type debacle for the American media and public. The Supreme Court Case Ingraham vs. Wright in 1977 declared that the 8th Amendment’s prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment did not exclude corporal punishment in public schools. Additionally the 14th Amendment’s due process clause does not require
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