Child Rearing Controversy

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There are numerous philosophies on how to raise children. Several parents adopt the concepts their own parents used, others seek advice from friends and there are those that read books about parenting. Parents come in various and diverse forms, each approaching parenting in ways as distinct as their personalities. Philosophies on child rearing can be grouped into two styles; authoritarian, authoritative parenting. These two styles are similar sounding, but have nuanced differences. Authoritarian parents hold their children to an exceedingly high level of status and success. In this style of parenting, children are expected to follow the strict rules established by the parents. Failure in following rules typically results in…show more content…
Using authoritative parenting style requires setting boundaries while still being able to listen and be patient with the child. Here is an example of the authoritarian parenting style: A child is caught hitting their playmate. The parent responds by grabbing the child and spanking them without any explanation of why hitting is immoral. Thus punishing the child with the same misconduct the child has committed results in mocking of the punishment behavior. Using authoritarian style requires the ability to be dominantly harsh while giving punishment without an explanation. There are abundant differences in these two styles, but the most significant discrepancy is in the end product: the children. An authoritative parent will preserve the love and respect of his children and, when they reach adulthood, they will continue this custom with their own children. An authoritative parent will know he has done his job well in the raising of those children, because the relationships that were built will incessantly last. The parents who choose a benign approach will obtain the rewards of having children that will be the ones who have a good work ethic and who succeed in school because they wish to please their parents. The parents who choose to rule by fear will see quite dissimilar results: their children are probable to react out of that terror, which will only last as long as they are young;
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