Child Rearing Practices Within The Society

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Humans are social beings, living off of interactions. Through these interactions, society is created. Society defines socials norms, taboos, traditions, and so on. Humans also derive certain feelings and beliefs like happiness, love, ethics, and culture from society. Unarguably, society is extremely powerful around the world. It does however alter from place to place. Some societies are based on the individual, while others value community. Not to mention, some societies are integrated and homogeneous while others are disintegrated and heterogeneous. Anthropologist, Dorothy Lee, finds there to be conflicts in western culture’s disintegrated society, which she is looking to resolve. Lee goes on to explore the cultures of different homogeneous societies. Primarily, she placed her focus on child rearing practices within these different cultures. Homogeneous cultures believe that individual integrity goes hand in hand with structure. However, unlike heterogeneous cultures, they also signify authentic individual freedom. The key social problem addressed by Lee, is that the negligence of personal autonomy, results from an undeveloped community, failing the necessities of structure and freedom. She discussed the importance of respect, value of the being, and spontaneous functioning as elements of a prosperous community. Community is the harmony felt by a grouping of people. It is the creation of structure. Predominantly, a community consists of the same values, beliefs,
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